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Private Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS)

A permanent CORS base station at your facility (jobsite or office) will provide reliable and accurate GNSS corrections for up to 30-mile (radius) coverage.

Extremely low price (under $5,000 complete hardware)

Simple deployment and configuration

Consistent Base coordinates tied to the national frame

Single-baseline RTK without network interpolation

Reduces exposure to theft of GNSS Base

Saves time, no base setup on jobs

Fixed cost, regardless of number of Rovers

Full constellation and signal support

Both internet and UHF radio corrections from a single station

Password protected NTRIP server and/or DIP access

Multiple correction types and streams:
    RTCM3.2, RTCM3, CMR+, sCMRx, RT27

Simple connection to your existing internet service

Remote configuration

Easily integrated into regional and private CORS networks

A local CORS base may provide better corrections than public networks:

Full Constellation and All Signals

Shorter Baseline between Base and Rover

iGage stocks all components needed to deploy top-of-the-line CORS systems at very reasonable prices. Full featured internet connected CORS systems are typically deployed (receiver + choke ring antenna + mount + cables) for under $5,200. We can not advertise our sale prices, please call us for quotations.

iGage provides initial monitoring and position evaluation for determination of broadcast coordinates.

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Reference Receivers

Device Image


Brochure Engine Price
CHC P3E [ P3D UM ] [ P3E B ] [ BD970 ] limited
please call
CHC P2 / P2Pro [ P2 UM ] [ P2 B ]
[ P2Pro B ]
[ BD990 ] please call

GNSS Antennas

Description Image Information Robotic Type-Mean Calibration Price
C220CR [ C220CR B ] YES $2,035
Includes dome
GPS L1/L2E/L2C/L5, GLO L2/L2/L3, GAL E1/E5A/E5B/E5AltBOC/E6 , BDS B1/B2/B3, QZSS L1/ L2C/L5/LEX, IRNSS L5, SBAS: L1/L5, MSS L-band: OmniSTAR/Trimble RTX 2D chokering antenna YES $2,035
ARFSSA GPS L1/L2E/L2C/L5, GLO L2/L2/L3, GAL E1/E5A/E5B/E5AltBOC/E6 , BDS B1/B2/B3, QZSS L1/ L2C/L5/LEX, IRNSS L5, SBAS: L1/L5, MSS L-band: OmniSTAR/Trimble RTX ground plane antenna NO $590


Description Image Information   Price
iGage Mount - iGM
2" and 5/8"-11 TPI
[ Brochure ]  


SECO Adjustable Tilt Monument Mounts

[ 2072-30 1 1/2" PIPE ] $344
[ 2072-31 2" PIPE ] $370
[ 2072-32 3" PIPE ] $426
[ 2072-33 5/8-11 ] $344

price updated 6/9/2021

Custom Antenna Cables

Cable Type Image Termination Price
LMR195 TNC-M to TNF-M $12 + $1 per foot
LMR195 TNC-M to TypeN-M $12 + $1 per foot

UHF Broadcast Radios and Accessories

Description Image   Part Number Price
iGR iGR Complete Kit

[ iGR Information, includes information on cables and antennas ]

iGR $1,490
ADL Vantage 35 ADL Vantage 35 Radio 430-473 MHz 75451-43 $2,195
Programming Cable Power / Programming Cable for ADLV35 83486 $160
Repeater Power Power Cable for Repeater A00854 $115
UHF Antenna Omni 450-470 MHz, 0dB
(no mount)
C02086 $195
UHF Antenna Omni 460-470 MHz, 5dB
(no mount)
82284 $195
ADL V35 Fan Cage fan and Y cable
82218-15 $395
Desktop Power
SAE Power Termination C03168 $195
Antenna Mount Vert or Horiz Pipe to Pipe Mounting Clamps   $75

CORS installation resources

Even though you may not be adding your new private CORS site to an existing GNSS campaign, consider reading the following resources for site selection information and construction suggestions:

NGS Best Practices: web page, guidelines, PAT20, approved antennas, 'Draft NGS RTN...'
UNAVCO: 'Proceedures for Setting a CORS Monument',
ICSM (AU): 'Guideline for Continuously Operating Reference Stations'
IGS: 'Station Operator Resources', IGS Site Guidelines (2015),
USCG: 'CORS/RTN Monument Construction Guidelines'

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