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LandStar 8

Land Surveying and Mapping

Field Software for Android


Easy to learn, easy to use, powerful features

Works on most modern Android (Android 10 or higher) devices

Easily transferred between field controllers

Compatible with CHC and iGx RTK receivers


[ Brochure, FAQ's, User Manual, Demo Download ]


Post Processing + PPK + PPP, hardware-dongle enabled: $490


Easy to use and learn, with powerful features

LandStar 8's simple and intuitive layout, with large map windows and sharp graphics, makes surveying and mapping easier for all users.

Only relevant information is displayed, and unused functions can be hidden to make the application even more straightforward and simple to operate.

Integrated video tutorials are available to help field operators quickly master the app.

Its modular design provides flexibility, and its rich feature set makes LandStar 8 an effective solution to meet the requirements of most applications.


Start Surveying Quickly

Simplified project and coordinated system management

When creating a project, LandStar 8 makes it easy to copy coordinate settings, control, and stake-out points from another handheld controller just by scanning a QR code.

Projects can be conveniently edited and sorted by history and properties, making them easy to navigate. Custom coordinate systems, GEOID models, and codification libraries, all dynamically updated via resource packages.

LandStar 8 also features a site calibration wizard specially designed to be uncomplicated for non-expert users.



CAD base map rendering in seconds

LandStar 8's proprietary MetaCAD graphics engine opens DWG and DXF base maps faster, with smoother rendering and an improved user experience.

DXF files up to 200 MB can be opened on CHCNAV handheld controllers in less than 10 seconds.

Smart base map functions include "Quick Code" for one-click feature coding to automatically create line features to increase project productivity.

LandStar 8 supports the opening of external reference files, automatically recognizes CAD length units, and allows editing of CAD base maps directly in the field.


Quick introduction to LandStar8:


LandStar8 Links

Full-featured demo: [ download ]

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LandStar8 Brochure: [ Brochure ]

LandStar8 User Guide / Manual: [ User Guide ]

General LandStar8 Information: [ FAQ ]


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