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        The essential solution for professional surveyors

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X-PAD Ultimate is your field software solution to efficiently leverage the power and connectivity of standard Android devices with modern, mature, complete and fully functional data collection software.

X-PAD Ultimate Survey is the best solution for all design survey, property survey, and layout needs. Combining data collection from GeoMax / iGage / other instruments X-PAD provides you with complete survey features, data integration, scalability and the latest technology X-PAD covers all your field collection needs.

Optional Robotic, X-Pole optical + GNSS, GIS, Volume, BIM, Locator, Bathometry, advanced Roading, PicPoint measurements from photos and BIM modules extend your survey investment to optimize complex workflows.

Android based data collectors just provide a superior field platform:

  • rugged tablets and phones, hardened cases, easy replacement and availability
  • heavy-duty, reasonably priced, obtainable pole brackets
  • check out these [ Customer Designed Solutions ]
  • quick charging, extreme battery life, standard cables
  • brighter, higher resolution, higher contrast, outdoor viewable screens with the best capacitive touch screens
  • superior connectivity via built-in cellular connections, automatic data uploads to the cloud
  • the highest quality internal cameras
  • modern phones have superior Bluetooth for extended long-range connections to robots. Twice the range of dedicated Windows Mobile devices, as far as 2,000 feet: [ Google Pixel 4a Robotic Bluetooth Range Video ]
  • amazing eco-system of Android helper apps and tools available from the Google Play Store
  • no forced, slow system updates that repeatedly keep you from working
  • no obsolete and depreciated connection schemes (Windows Mobile Device Center)
  • browse to secure web resources
  • internal mapping grade GNSS receivers (built into the phone) allow for recon without RTK or Robotic deployment
  • extensive web-based background maps

X-PAD's included office component X-PAD Fusion adds additional data import/export support and can be extended to support Point Clouds, terrestrial and drone-based photo management and stitching.

X-PAD Brochures, User Manuals, Getting Started Guides


X-PAD X-PERT Maintenance

Reasonably priced X-PERT maintenance ($250 / Year) keeps your X-PAD software updated to the latest version with the latest features and enhancements.

One year's maintenance is included with the initial purchase, up-to three years extension can be added.

Expired maintenance can be retroactively extended for up to one year.

X-PAD Demos

Job Selection

3D View

Fully functional, 30-day X-PAD demos are available.

Quick and easy to install on your existing Android device, the demo can later be converted to a licensed copy by simply adding a license number.

First, call or contact iGage for a demo serial number:


This short [ Demo FAQ ] will help you activate the demo.

Next, these detailed iGage Getting-Started Guides will quickly lead you through installation, localization and deployment:

GPS: Page 6 of
  [ X-PAD Getting Started with GNSS ]

Total Station: Page 3 of
  [ X-PAD Getting Started with Zoom 90 Robotics ]

Finally, this short video will show you all the steps (from the Getting Started guides) for getting started:

Video thumbnail: X-PAD 01 Installing, Localizing, Defaults

X-PAD Pricing

Measurement Markup

Bathymetric Survey Option

Multiple Feature Stacking

Object Staking

X-Pad is competitively priced
(click [ field software comparison ] for price and feature comparisons):
X-PAD Ultimate Survey Pricing
  Updated March 2021, please call for quotations
Cross-grades from other field tools are available, please call.

GNSS: Support for GPS receivers

$ 1,187.50

TS: Manual Total Station

$ 1,187.50

Robotics (add to TS)

Extend the TS main module with features that allow full control of motorized and robotic total stations.

$ 250.00


Import road design data from different formats, stakeout any element in the alignment with a variety of methods.

$ 250.00


Automate repetitive robotic measurements and web-SMS-Email reporting for monitoring applications.

$ 1,150.00


Create and import 3D surfaces to be used for all stakeout operations. It includes functions for the calculation of the volumes according to different methods.

$ 250.00


Manage bathymetric surveys by acquiring depth data from echo sounder and GNSS positions. This includes a route control.

$ 1,025.00


Flexibly work with TPS and GNSS at the same time, by using the best features of each system.

$ 625.00


Import BIM models, display, navigate and extract information (points, lines, surfaces) for checking and stakeout operations.

$ 250.00


Define GIS features and attributes to be assigned to measured points. It includes import and export functions of GIS data.

$ 62.50


Captures and photo processes allow you to place the measurement of points directly on the photos themselves.

$ 250.00


Connect to utility locators and record depths at corresponding GNSS positions.

$ 62.50



  GNSS, TS and Robotic

$ 2,625.00

 Survey Super Premium


$ 4,200.00


X-PERT (1-Year Maintenance)

$ 250.00

X-PERT Renewal
Out of maintenance for more than 1-year

$ 250.00


X-PAD Videos
Mark Silver's Introduction to X-Pad
Step by step:
 Loading GEOIDS and local projections
 Configuring default settings
Step-by-step, setting up a network rover in X-Pad
Setting up a UHF Base with X-PAD.
Setting up a UHF Rover in X-PAD, step-by-step.
How to transfer files, jobs, exported results back and forth from your field data collector to your office computer.

Click => [ Bluetooth Range ]

If you are considering switching to X-PAD on an Android data collector, you might be concerned about Bluetooth range.

Purpose built devices like the Mesa 3, RT4, Surveyor 2 enjoy a 1,000 foot range in open environments to a Zoom 90 robot with a Long Range Bluetooth handle. X-PAD on a $350 Google Pixel 4a phone has over a 1,900 foot range.

In this short video, I point the robot at a prism on the back of my pickup, then drive down the road with a standard Google Pixel 4a phone in my breast pocket; inside the truck; with the engine on; driving away from the robot.

Not only does the collector never skip a measurement, but I can get out of my truck, break the connection, then search/find the robot from scratch. It just works.

There is a short bonus segment at the video end showing how the cameras used to make the video are attached to the robot.

X-PAD Fusion
X-Pole: one pole, two systems
Keven Corraza, how X-PAD started
GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate - The Ultimate solution in the field
X-PAD Ultimate Surface and Volume

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