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X-PAD Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can my license be moved to a new Android device?

Yes, however the process requires factory assistance/approval and is somewhat complicated.

2. Does X-PAD include all USA State Plane Zones?

Yes. After you install the localization package (see the Quick Start Guides for step-by-step instructions) all the standard state plane zones, all of the county zones are available. In addition, both GEOID12B and GEOID18 are installed.

3. What is the best Android device?

The best device might be the one you already have. We have a variety of rugged Android tablets available, however they typically have older versions of the Android OS; the cameras are not as good as the latest phones; they are not as fast and the battery life is not as good.

If you want a modern phone sized device with a great camera and exceptionally long-range Bluetooth, it may be difficult to beat a $350 Google Pixel 4a or other recent release.

4. Are quadrant bearings supported?

Yes, with prefix entry. See page 18 "Using Quadrant Bearings" of this guide:

In addition both decimal and fractional US Survey Feet and International Feet are supported.

X-PAD accepts chains as distance entries.

5. How hard is it to survey at Ground?

Trivially simple. See page 25 "Single-Point Localization at Ground" of this guide:

6. How good does X-PAD support the Zoom 90 robot?

Both X-PAD and the Zoom 90 are GeoMax products. X-PAD has the best support for the Zoom 90 including Long Range prism shots and EDM modes. Resectioning is simpler than other products.

Set collection is extremely simple and powerful. Checking back-sights, doubling, face changes and most robotic operations are simpler and more intuitive than you may be used to.

7. My total-station does not have Bluetooth. How will I connect my existing total-station to a cell phone or tablet?

See USB to Serial Adapter.

8. I can't find 'COGO Manual Traverse'! How do I enter a parcel from a metes-and-bounds description?

Try CAD, Draw, Layout (drag menu to left to find), Points and Lines; then enter each course.

9. I need to find a field center for a center pivot, can I draw a 3-point circle?

Yes: CAD, Draw, Circle 3P.


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