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Before you Initially Install X-PAD: Update your Android device

Before you install X-PAD, please update your Android device.

Especially if the Android hardware has been newly acquired or has been sitting around for a while since it was last updated.

X-PAD licensing may not survive an update from an older version of Android X all the way to the latest build of Android 11 or 12. So if you install and license X-PAD under Android 7 and then update to Android 11 or 12, your registration may not transfer automatically.

To update your device:

Plug the Android device into external power.

  1. Make sure device is attached to Wi-Fi internet. (It typically will not update via a cellular connection.)
  2. Go to ‘Settings: System: Advanced: System Update’ (or search for Update in Settings.)
  3. Click on ‘Check for Update’, choose to update if one is available.
  4. Reboot your device if requested, wait for update to fully complete.

After the system update fully completes, go to the ‘Play Store’ and force update all your applications. From the ‘Play Store’ menu:

  1. click on the picture-circle at the right side of the search box.
  2. Click on ‘Manage apps & device’
  3. On the ‘Overview’ tab, click on ‘update all’
  4. Wait for updates to fully complete.

If your device is new, there may be additional system updates after the first update. Consider checking for a system update again.


X-PAD Installer Links
Preferred: Cached 4.8.11 Release (2022-Nov) from secure AWS server:



Official Latest Release:


iGage Mapping Corporation
1545 South 1100 East STE 1
Salt Lake City UT 84105 USA


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