GeoMax Zoom90 RTS Videos

Zoom 90 Scout / Power Search


The Geomax Zoom 90's Scout function (aka 'Power Search') just works. You tell the robot to search left or right and it finds the next prism in the selected direction. It is magic.

This video shows the robot searching for a standard can prism, the Geomax 360 prism and a mini-prism at 610 feet (~186 meters) in real world conditions.

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Zoom 90 Tracking in the Real-World


How good is the Zoom 90 tracking?

Let's look at a real-world example with cars, vests, trees, canopy and all the usual suspects that make tracking in the real world difficult.

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Zoom 90 Fast vs. Standard EDM

Shots using the 'Standard EDM' mode turn off tracking while the EDM is fired. So, if you are close to the robot you must hold the prism relatively motionless.

With a small loss in accuracy (1 PPM) the 'Fast EDM' mode works continuously with hand held prisms