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GeoMax Zoom 95 Robotic Total Station
Ultimate Robotic Performance

Dramatically minimize the time for any survey task and boost your productivity, performance and accuracy. The GeoMax Zoom95 is the ultimate one-man system with full automation performance, extended reflectorless measurement capability, STReAM360, accXess technologies, standard radios and Windows CE open connectivity.

STReAM360: Fully Robotic

Scout: Quickly scans (Power Searches) the entire working area to quickly find the target prism at distances to 985 feet.
[ Video: Watch Scout in Action ]

TRack: Continuously track targets. Once locked onto a prism, the instrument remains accurately aimed on the moving target even when the prism passes behind an obstruction. Track will follow a round prism at over a 2,600 foot range.
[ Video:
Watch TRack in Action ]

AiM: Aims accurately at any prism's center, without needing to look through the telescope. Measurements are performed automatically with consistently high and repeatable dependability. Even on tilted prisms. AiM is effective to 3,280 feet.

X-MOTION™ Hybrid Drives

Zoom95 incorporates X-motion hybrid drives, providing high-speed high-accuracy automation performance compared to conventional robot drives.

The Zoom95 will follow a 300 foot distant target at 85 feet/second (58 miles per hour.)

accXess™ Reflectorless EDM Technology

GeoMax’s accXess EDM technology provides reflectorless measurements up to 3,280 feet.

The extra small laser footprint and sophisticated signal-processing technology, ensure you accuracy - regardless of the distance, target or measurement conditions.

Long-Range Bluetooth Radio Handle

The long-range Bluetooth radio handle (standard on Zoom95s sold by iGage) provides coverage up to 1,200 feet with standard long-range devices (like the Carlson RT4) and over 3,000 foot range with optimized data collectors (T18 with external antenna.)

The Bluetooth handle has a 1,000 foot range to most tablets including the 'Ranger 7.' The Bluetooth handle range to a modern Android smart phone or tablet is over 2,000 feet (see this Pixel4a range video for 1,900 foot example).

iGage Extended Finance

Any GeoMax robot package purchased from iGage is eligible for our 10% down, 24-month extended finance package (on approved credit). Details here [ iGage 10-24 ].

Zoom 90


Zoom 95

Zoom 95 vs. Zoom 90

The Zoom 80 was the original GeoMax Zoom robot. In 2016 the Zoom 90 replaced the Zoom 80 switching the CF Data card for a standard SD card, an updated keyboard and updated Long Range Bluetooth handle.

In August 2021 the Zoom 90 was replaced by the Zoom 95. The Zoom 95 has these enhancements:

  Zoom 90 Zoom 95
Display 640x 480 VGA 800 x 480 WVGA 5”
Memory / Data Recording 1 GB 2 GB
Ports Serial; USB;
Internal Bluetooth;
External Long Range
Bluetooth handle;
External Power
Serial; USB;
Med Range Bluetooth;
External Long Range Bluetooth handle;
External Power;
WLAN (Wi-Fi)
Keyboard 35 keys 25 keys
Operating System CE 6.0 EC 7.0
Available Accuracies 1”, 2”, 5” 1”, 2”, 3”, 5”
MSRP Pricing*

1” A5
2” A5
3” A5
5” A5
1” A10
2” A10
3” A10
5” A10

(List Pricing)

(not available)
(not available)

(List Pricing)


*Note: Street pricing for both Zoom 90 and Zoom 95 robots is significantly different than the MSRP. Please contact iGage for details, we are generally not allowed publish prices.

Internal Bluetooth Note

The Zoom 95 standard internal Bluetooth range appears to be 7 times further than the Zoom 90. We observe 750 feet to a modern Android phone or tablet. This is sufficient for many applications making it reasonable to delete the Long Range Bluetooth Handle from standard kits (this saves ~$1,310 or ~8%) reducing the deployment cost substantially. Because you can purchase a Long Range Bluetooth Handle at any time (about $1700 if purchased outside of a kit) there is not much downside if you plan to use the robot for construction projects.

Compatible Software

Onboard: The Zoom 95 can optionally be ordered with X-Pad onboard. FieldGenius and Carlson SurvCE are also available.

External Data Collector: X-Pad, FieldGenius, SurvCE and SurvPC, on a variety of data collectors, tablets and PCs are compatible.

Only a subset of Windows Mobile devices interface directly to the Zoom 95: Surveyor2, Mini2, Surveyor+, LT30, LT35, T18 and T20. GeoCom keys are no longer available so the Nautix X8 and most other Windows Mobile devices are not viable data collectors.

All Windows and Android devices will connect without special consideration.

Additional Information

[ Brochure ]  [ User Manual ]  [ GetStarted Guide ]
[ Purchase Notes and Additional Information ]
[ Common Zoom95 Questions ]
[ Zoom 95 Action Videos ]
[ iGage Finance Information ]

Robot Service and Support

Every Zoom 95 robot purchased from iGage includes 1-year iGage Advanced Loaner Program coverage:

During the first year, iGage will provide an loaner robot while a defective device is tendered for warranty repairs. iGage prepays all shipping: UPS 2-day shipping to get a replacement robot to the customer quickly, prepaid shipping to return the defective robot to our repair depot and finally prepaid shipping to return the loaner device back to iGage.

Advanced Loaners are available for warranty service only, the GeoMax factory solely decides repair status.

iGage Advanced Loaner coverage is provided on all robotic kits purchased from iGage at no additional cost.

Robot Pricing

You must call or email us:

+1-801-412-0011   orders@igage.com

to receive our kit prices. We will send you a simple one page grid that shows the price of every accuracy and range, all accessories and options.

We stock these accuracies and reflector-less ranges for immediate delivery:

5" A5     3" A5     2" A5     2"A10     1"A10

The 1"A5, 5"A10, 3"A10 are available by special order.

Every Zoom95 Kit purchased from iGage includes a battery, a 360° Prism and free ground shipping in the USA.

Overnight shipping is also available for about $250 extra, please call to verify overnight shipping availability and cost to your destination.

iGage 'Extended Kits' (+$310) also include a 2nd battery and a SECO 5501-11 TLV Prism Pole.

Extended Financing is available (OAC): [ iGage 10-24 ]

Zoom 95 Complete Kits
These items are included in with all Robot purchases:
Zoom95 Zoom95 Fully Robotic WinCE Total Station with AiM360, TRack360 and Scout360, 5", accXXess10 EDM, NavLight, alphanumeric keyboard with VGA color & touch display, Long Range Bluetooth Handle interface, internal Bluetooth, USB port, SD Card slot, Quick Guide
855818 ZMS108 USB Memory Stick 8GB
776093 Qty (1 or 2): ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah, rechargeable
766872 ZCH201, Charger for ZBA201 & ZBA400
794088 ZDC301 USB cable
  ZTRx01, Tribrach without optical plummet (black)
834473 ZRT82, Long-range Bluetooth handle
834475 ZSD01 Industrial Grade SD Card, 1GB
832680 ZP1 360° Prism (Constants - GeoMax +23.1; Absolute -11.3)

Two additional items are included in the iGage 'Extended Kits':
776093 2nd ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah, rechargeable
5501-11 included in Extended Kit:
SECO 2.6 Meter Swiss Style TLV Aluminum Prism Pole

Please call us for Robotic-Kit pricing, we will provide you a simple price grid that includes all device options, extended warranty pricing and common data collector kit pricing.

Our robot prices are very competitive, they include ground shipping (USA including Hawaii and Alaska) and will stand against other USA dealer pricing.

There are three accuracies: 5", 3" 2" and 1" with two reflectorless ranges: 500 meter and 1,000 meter available. This document: [ Purchase Notes and Additional Information ] details these options and other purchase considerations.

Kit MSRP 5" 3" 2" 1"
accXXess5 $23,604
PN 6017103
PN 6017129
PN 6017104
PN 6017105
accXXess10 $24,831
PN 6017106
PN 6017130
PN 6017107
PN 6017108

Please call us for our street pricing +1-888-450-4922.

Extended Warranty Pricing

An extended warranty for your robot allows you to know and fix the cost of ownership in the 2nd and 3rd year of the robot's life.

Extension Total Coverage Price
1-year 2-years from time of purchase $648
2-years 3-years from time of purchase $1,162

The GeoMax [ Factory Warranty ] covers defects in manufacturing, servo, ATR, and mechanical failures.

Special Warranty pricing is available when bundled with the initial robot purchase. Call us for details.


Zoom95 + X-PAD Field Software

X-PAD is optimized for use with the Zoom 95 robot and iGage has great Zoom 95 + X-PAD Bundles available. Call us and we will email you a bundled price grid showing X-PAD + the Robot of your choice!

If you have an Android device available, we can provide a full featured 30-day demo for you to evaluate. We know that you will be impressed with the functionality and ease of use and deployment.

Fast, simple, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, full featured and extendable with these optional packages:

Total-Station Module Robotic Total-Station Module PicPoint Module
Volume Module Bathometry Module Road Module
X-Pole Module GIS Module Locator Module
BIM Module Build Module  

X-PAD allows you to use an existing Android phone, tablet or a new rugged device.

Concerned about Bluetooth range to Android devices? Android devices with Bluetooth 5.0 have nearly double the range (over 1,800 feet) of traditional purpose built data collectors like the Surveyor2, Mini2 and RT4:

[ Android Bluetooth Range FAQ ]  [ Pixel4a Range Video ]

If you are not familiar with X-PAD, we encourage you to try it out on your existing Android phone or tablet: [ X-PAD Demo Instructions ]

Additional X-Pad Resources:

Getting Started Guide for Robots

[ X-Pad Users Manual ]  [ X-Pad Brochure ]
[ X-Pad Installation ]   [ X-Pad Ultimate New Features ]



Carlson Software Compatible Data Collector Pricing

Standard 'Robotic Data Collector Kits' purchased from iGage optionally can include the data collector, pole and collector brackets.

Carlson SurvCE+TotalStation+Robotics. Please only consider field collections devices that have 'Long Range Bluetooth' included. The expected range of these devices is 1,000 to 1,200 feet in real world conditions.

Packages with SurvCE+TotalStation+Robotics+GPS are also available, please call for additional pricing.



w/o keyboard
[RT4 Pricing]
for additional options

SurvCE Note: The Surveyor2 and Mini2 have been discontinued. There are no longer any new data collectors available compatible with SurvCE (not SurvPC) and the Zoom 95 robots. Please call us for additional information.

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