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  35-watt High-Power UHF Transceiver & Repeater


User Manual

Programming Tool

FCC Licensing Information



Cable Connected Transceiver or Store-Forward Repeater

5, 20, 35-Watts

410 to 470 MHz range

25KHz or 12.5 KHz Channel Bandwidth

Supports common protocols:

Transparent EOT
Trimtalk™ / TT450S

200-channels, front panel selectable

Built-in Voltmeter displays battery status

Bail hook hangs on tripod

Metal carry handle will not crack

Industry standard Power & IO connections

TNC-Female UHF Output Port

Ports protected from physical damage

Automatic shutdown on Low Voltage

Sold in complete kits including:

antenna cable & mount
programming cable
USB-to-Serial adapter
printed User Manual
programming tool on thumb-drive

IP67, case and connectors water and dust proof

iGage Programming Tool

1-Year iGage Warranty


[ iG9 Brochure ]
User Manual

[ iGR User Manual ]

The iGR radio includes a printed User Manual to help you deploy and use the radio. No need to search for online PDF's!

Programming Tool

[ Latest iGR Programming Tool ]

The programming tool is included on a thumb-drive distributed with the radio. Or you can download the latest version using the link above.

The iGage Programming Tool makes configuring the iGR a snap. Frequency mis-matches are flagged, probable programming errors generate concise warnings, entering the Tx frequency automatically populates the Rx frequency, plus many more time-saving features.

FCC Certification
  An FCC License with Call Sign is required to operate the iGR.
Licensing details are in the User Manual.

  The iGR kit is complete and includes:

iGR Radio
5dBi NMO Antenna
NMO Mount (5/8" 11TPI), UHF Cable to TNC Connector
Programming / Power Cable
Power to Alligator-Clips Cable
USB-to-Serial Adapter for Programming
Supervisor Code (required for programming)
Printed User Manual

MSRP $1,490

Bundled pricing is available with iGx receivers
purchased from iGage.

Accessory Pricing:

Each of the following accessories are included in the iGR kit:

HJ379 SAE 2-pin to Alligator Clips with 15A Fuse;
1.85 m length
HJ394 Data + Power Cable, LEMO to 2-pin SAE
and 9-pin DB9S, 30 cm length
QC45AL 450-470 MHZ, 1.08 meter antenna,
5/8" 11-TPI mount, cable, TNC connector


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