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iGx-Download Tool

All iG and CHC receivers sold by iGage include the iGx-Download tool. This tool automates downloading process for occupation (Static) data from GNSS receivers, organizes occupations by project and simplifies submission to NGS OPUS and other online processing services.

iGx-Download works with the following receivers:

iG: iG3s, iG4, iG5, iG8, iG9, iG9a

CHCNav: X90-OPUS, X900S-OPUS, X900+, X91+, i80

sourced through iGage and it's partners.

You can download the latest tool by clicking the link below:

Download Link: [ iGx-Download Tool ]

Version Notes: [ versionnote.txt ]

Current Version B9666 11-Feb-2022

-- Recent Changes --

B9664: 2022.2.11.9664

Spaces are no longer allowed in the name of a project folder. The CHCData program (the RINEX converter) is intolerant of spaces in a file path. Previously, single spaces were allowed.

The latest version of the OPUS_Upload tool has been added to the package: Version 2022.2.11.2042.

A service button to launch OPUS-Upload (OU) was added to the Configuration tab. It pushes the entered email address, clears the HI and Antenna overrides and checks the extended checkbox by default. The OU filename is not modified.

B9663: 2022.2.7.9663

The 'Loosen Filename Match' checkbox has been removed and is effectively always checked.

Past Versions  [ here ]
Future Versions (beta)  beta[ link ] alpha [ link ]

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