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iGx-Download Tool

All iG and CHC receivers sold by iGage include the iGx-Download tool. This tool automates downloading process for occupation (Static) data from GNSS receivers, organizes occupations by project and simplifies submission to NGS OPUS and other online processing services.

iGx-Download works with the following receivers:

iG: iG3s, iG4, iG5, iG8, iG9, iG9a

CHCNav: X90-OPUS, X900S-OPUS, X900+, X91+, i80

sourced through iGage and it's partners.

You can download the latest tool by clicking the link below:

Download Link: [ iGx-Download Tool ]

Version Notes: [ versionnote.txt ]

Current Version B9662B 8-November-2021

-- Recent Changes --

B9662: 2021.10.26.9662
New 'Beta OPUS' checkbox added which directs submissions to the Beta OPUS submission site.
New constellation checkboxes added. This allows files intended for submission to OPUS to include constellations in addition to GPS. These are replicated on the Beta OPUS submission form, however they currently do not 'go anywhere' in OPUS processing. NGS expects to support additional constellations in 2022. Exported files do hold the extra constellations.
The bundled TEQC version has been updated to the latest/last version to better support very high PRN numbers.
Range check errors that occur when cleaning files on some heads have been addressed.
A new checkbox allows you to clean files that have not been downloaded. This is useful for heads that have 5-year old data with no value.
The UTC time zone selection has been made persistent between invocations of iGx. The time zone: 'local' or 'UTC' in use is now displayed in the column header of the Date column.
The length of the log memo was increased from 300 to 20,000 lines.

B9660: 2021.9.25.9660
Fixes REC#/TYPE/VERS line generated by latest iG5 hardware version. Required for iG5 sold after October 2021

B9656: 2021.6.9.9656
>> OPUS-Project Limitation: <<
It is no longer possible to set the '_New' or 'CONTROL' projects as an 'OPUS-Project'.

Past Versions  [ here ]
Future Versions (beta)  beta[ link ] alpha [ link ]

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