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iGx-Download Tool

All iG and CHC receivers sold by iGage include the iGx-Download tool. This tool automates downloading process for occupation (Static) data from GNSS receivers, organizes occupations by project and simplifies submission to NGS OPUS and other online processing services.

iGx-Download works with the following receivers:

iG: iG3s, iG4, iG5, iG8, iG9, iG9a

CHCNav: X90-OPUS, X900S-OPUS, X900+, X91+, i80

sourced through iGage and it's partners.

You can download the latest tool by clicking the link below:

Download Link: [ iGx-Download Tool ]

Version Notes: [ versionnote.txt ]

Current Version B9656 10-June-2021

includes new observation and receiver cleanup tools.

Past Versions  [ here ]
Future Versions (beta)  [  ] [  ]

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